Ellen Do

I was first introduced to the benefits of body movement and Yoga in my late teens through dance classes, though did not strongly invest myself in it until 2008; it was when I desperately needed ‘something’ to balance the pace and intensity of my corporate life as a head-hunter. Keen to share my passion for yoga with others, I completed my 200-hour Teacher Training and Backcare Therapy Certification with Dr Venky Shivshakti Yoga in Singapore, Yoga Therapy Certification with Yoga Vidya Gurukul in India and Pre/Post-Natal Certification with Bliss Baby, Australia.

Born and raised in Singapore, I have been teaching since 2014 and my style of yoga is a blend of postural alignment, extended hold of poses and fun, flowing transitions. My classes are light-hearted with realistic approach, so expect to move with chuckles through the many Chaturangas I’ll put you through! Through the process of having my son, my desire to apply Yoga for women going through pregnancy strengthened and is now one focus I have in practice and teaching. I believe the path of Yoga is fun and exploratory, where a thrill and pleasure is experienced when your purpose is reached in practice! Ultimately, the aim of yoga should make you happy and healthy – on and off the mat!