Sound Yoga, Mantra and kīrtan with Siddhi Shakti

Joyous, uplifting, heart-opening and transformational – connect with the power of your own unique frequency to help you transform from the inside out. Together we uplift and open our energy through sound, tone, music, breath and listening awareness.

Participants are invited to join in guided call and response chanting (kīrtan) supported by harmonium and live meditative music inspired by rāgas, with tips on the Sanskrit sounds to support greater inner energetic connection.

The vocal sounds in the sound yoga practice engage the power of our own healing vibration and frequency to shift energies that no longer support us. The sounds activate the body’s capacity to produce natural feel good chemicals – amazing support for the nervous system, relaxing, de-stressing and dropping out of the flight/flight reactive response.

This guided practice is gentle, simple and fun, with no previous experience necessary. If you’re not comfy to join in the sounds, you can relax into a receptive state for a sound bath type experience. Go to our events page to book.

Price: $ 39
June 15, 2024
4:00 pm - 5:30 pm