My yoga journey began 9 years ago when I attended a Bikram Yoga class. After practicing yoga I began to notice changes within myself. The more I practiced the more noticeable these changes became. Yoga transformed my life on many different levels, from physical, emotional, mental to spiritual. These changes are what made me fall in love with yoga.

I am extremely passionate about yoga and I want to help people experience the changes I experienced. This is what inspired me to become a yoga teacher. I completed a diploma in yoga teacher training at Victorian Institute of Yoga, in Hatha yoga. I then started exploring and practicing different styles of yoga like, Iyengar Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga. I believe that yoga is far more deeper than just physical movement. I truly believe that with commitment and continuous practice of yoga, a person may start to experience good health, inner peace and happiness.

Furthermore these qualities have transpired into my daily life through my eating and sleeping habits, to daily meditation practices. Realising that meditation is medicine for the mind, I decided to attend a 10 day Vipasana meditation course, to balance my physical yoga practice with my mental yoga practice.

I am currently studying a naturopath course to become more knowledgeable in how food nourishes the body and learn how the body can heal its self naturally, by empowering an individual to achieve their highest possible level of health.