Whether you’re just starting out or jumping into handstand in the middle of the room, we have you covered. With a variety of teachers and class styles, we’re pretty confident that you’ll find the right yoga fix to suit your needs!

OUR Classes

Flow yoga

A moderately paced flow class that links movement with breath and that will help build the foundations of your yoga practice, appropriate for all levels. Modifications are offered throughout the class, allowing students to choose a more beginners or more advanced practice according to their needs. Walk away feeling truly balanced in mind and body. Suitable for all levels.

Flow Yoga


A fun, playful class with a dynamic flow that works towards some of the more challenging  postures in a safe and supported way. An opportunity to have some fun and dive deeper into your practice. 

Play Flow yoga


A simple yet challenging class  that mixes yoga with mat pilates and emphasises core strength, flexibility, balance and endurance. You will learn correct posture, technique and breathing right from the start, while enjoying the benefits of a fabulous workout. Suitable for all levels.

Core flow yoga

Pricing Yoga

Option Cost Sign up
Intro Pass - Unlimited Yoga + Mat Pilates
Yoga - Drop In
Yoga - 5 Class Pass
Yoga - 10 Class Pass
Yoga Membership
$78.00 / fortnight


Our signature flow class but with the room heated. Move your body, sweat it out and detoxify! Walk away feeling enlivened in mind and body. Not suitable for pregnancy. 

Hot yoga

gentle YOGA

A more gentle and restorative style class focused on gently improving strength, flexibility and balance. Suitable for all levels and recommended for beginners, seniors and pregnant women.


Gentle Yoga

YIN yoga

A long slow stretching class where postures are generally held for longer periods of time (from 3 – 5 minutes). Yin works to maintain and restore the natural mobility of joints and targets the fascia and connective tissue to allow a deeper opening in the body. A deeply meditative and therapeutic experience that will leave you feeling calm and relaxed after class. Suitable for all levels.

Yin Yoga

starting out

how to book

It’s really quite simple! 

  1. Go to the timetable and find the class you wish to attend.
  2. Click on the 'BOOK' button.
  3. Follow the prompts to create an account with us!

Once you create an account with us, you’ll also get an email from Mindbody to set up an account with them too. We suggest that you keep the same username and password so it’s easy to remember! This then activates your account and allows you to book via our website or the Mindbody App!


Bring your lovely self first and foremost! If you have your own mat and towel, we do encourage you to bring it. However, if this is not possible or if you do forget, mats, blocks and bolsters will be available for you to use at the studio. A water bottle is always a good idea too for those times where you work up a sweat! 

Sounding good? Mmmmm – here’s the thing there is one catch. Can you live without your phone for an hour? We don’t expect you not to bring your phone but we do ask that you please switch it off and leave it in the lockers provided. Trust us, you’ll be thanking us after an hour of uninterrupted bliss!

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When you come to us you can expect that we will look after you. You don’t need to be bendy, strong or own a designer pair of leggings to come to us. We embrace all walks of life and ultimately the most important thing is you come with a good attitude and smile. If it’s your first time to yoga we recommend starting with our Gentle Yoga or Flow Yoga classes and letting your teacher know that you are new. It’s good for us to know so we can guide you in the class particularly if you have any injuries.

In the words of Olivia Newton John, “Let’s get physical” wear fitted or #activewear. Any article of clothing that is comfy and won’t get in the way!

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CLASSES to suit everyone