TRE Immersion w/ Melissa Turnock

Heal Anxiety And Trauma From The Body
Once a month join Mel in a small, intimate group to reset and rebalance your energy, reduce and let go of your tension and to quiet the mind.

Share this group experience to amplify the energy and connect more deeply to yourself and the healing within.

We will practice nervous system release (TRE), tension and trauma release exercise that teaches you how to deliberately invoke this recovery response in a safe and controlled way providing you with a body-based technique to relax and rebalance your nervous system without requiring mental focus, physical effort or the need to recall the past or talk about it.

Learn life long tools to manage stress and get self-resourced, so you don’t need to see life through the lens of fight and flight. For best results come each month. Beginners and regulars are welcome.

Price: $ 69
Per Session (Min of 6 & max 15)
April 28, 2024
& then followed by the 3rd Sunday of each month
1:30 pm - 3:30 pm